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2016 Holiday Benefit Exhibition Catalog

The 2016 Holiday Benefit Exhibition Catalog is a digital catalog of all the artwork featured in the annual Art in a Box Holiday Benefit exhibition. Download the catalog here to view an outstanding selection of small paintings, wall-mountable sculpture, drawings, prints and photographs by more than 160 established and emerging artists.

Art and wildlife conservation

The Illustrated Guide to Wildlife of Cambodia:
Paintings and Text by Students from the Liger Learning Center in Cambodia

The Illustrated Guide to Wildlife of Cambodia includes over 130 original watercolor paintings of Cambodian mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish, and Cambodia's unique ecosystems, created by students who participated in Art in a Box's Environmental Art Painting Classes at the Liger Learning Center in 2015. It is the first book of its kind to be illustrated, researched, written and translated entirely by Cambodian middle-school children. The book provides an overview of Cambodia's most representative, as well as unique and endangered, wildlife. Students conducted research with international and local conservation organizations working in Cambodia to prepare accurate written descriptions in both English and Khmer for each species and habitat.

The Illustrated Guide to Wildlife of Cambodia provides both children and adults with a deeper understanding and appreciation of Cambodia in all its diversity.
(In Khmer and English) Published by Heron-on-Hudson Press, December 2015

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