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Art in a Box

Who we are

Art in a Box partners with communities around the world that are in need, disadvantaged by poverty, or facing crisis situations due to war, public health emergencies or natural disasters, and assists in recovery and empowerment through art. Established in 2005, Art in a Box is a non-profit organization inspired by art and artists from all cultures.

What we do

Art in a Box provides unique art education programs and book publication projects. Our art programs include an environmental art and publishing program, an art and design program for girls at risk,  Emergency Response Art Kits, and art classes for children at risk or children with disabilities. We also provide master classes and resources for young artists, produce art exhibitions, and conduct teacher training classes.

Our art classes have empowered more than 3,700 children and young artists who are at risk or in need. Our students have created over 9,000 paintings about their lives and dreams for the future!

Where we work

Art in a Box works in schools, villages, slum communities, hospices, shelters, orphanages, community centers, natural disaster sites and conservation centers. Our classes for young artists are conducted at universities, colleges and art schools. We have worked in 10 countries: Cambodia, China, Guatemala, Japan, the Marshall Islands, Peru, Russia, Thailand, Uzbekistan, and the United States.

Our Strategy

Our program locations are based on the history and/or current events of the country or region. We also consider the potential for building strong relationships with partner organizations. In our classes, each student gains hands-on experience creating art, and local schools receive art resources and training. Our art kits help young people in areas affected by natural disasters to cope with trauma. Through book publishing we celebrate our students, include untold stories in the public record, support conservation awareness and promote bilingual literacy. Our art exhibitions to inspire and inform audiences.


Art empowers, transforms, heals,
speaks truth and
delights the human spirit.

Our History

Watch this video about our history,
past programs and the students
we have helped.