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Art programs for girls
at risk

Fashion art project / Cambodia

Trafficked girls and girls at risk created original, fashion note cards inspired by Cambodia’s renowned textile traditions. The girls exhibited and sold their note cards at the New Gallery, a Cambodian owned gallery in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The program helps girls regain their self-esteem and develop their talents through art.

In cooperation with the Cambodian Women’s Crisis Center, Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, 2006-2010

Fashion art project / Peru

Girls at the Santa Margarita Detention Center in Lima, Peru created art inspired by Peruvian textiles and contemporary fashion design. The classes offered creative opportunities for girls, ages 14-18 years old, who have been sentenced to Santa Margarita by the court for felony convictions.

Coordinated with support from the United States Embassy, Lima, 2011

Jewelry project / Cambodia

Village girls at risk and girls living at a safe house shelter in Phnom Penh participated in an educational design training program and learned how to create silk-wrapped jewelry for income generation.

In cooperation with the Cambodian Women’s Crisis Center, 2007-2009